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Natural Product-like Compound Library by Chemoinformatics and Substructure Search LF1020 天然产物衍生物库(基于化学信息学) 3300 compounds Repurposing library SC1300 老药新用化合物库 5691 compounds AN Nucleoside Mimetics Library AN3600 核苷模拟物化合物库AN 3118 compounds Cysteine Focused Covalent Inhibitor Library LF9000 半胱氨酸靶向共价抑制剂库 3400 compounds MACROx Next Generation Macrocycles Libray AC1200 新一代大环化合物库 Peptidomimetic Compound Library LF6000 拟肽化合物库 5800 compounds SH2 Domain Modulators Library US3900 SH2结构域调节剂库 2406 compounds PPI Library (Macrocyclic) AN2900 蛋白相互作用大环化合物库 3118 compounds Macrocyclic Glycomimetics Library AN3200 大环糖苷模拟物化合物库 1412 compounds Macrocycles Library DO2400 大环化合物库CD 3300 compounds Nucleoside Mimetics From Enamine EN3600 核苷模拟物化合物库EN 290 compounds Nucleoside-mimetics Pre-Plated Set AN1800 核苷模拟物预制化合物库 3661 compounds Covalent inhibitors Library DO2200 共价抑制剂库CD 12000 compounds Veterinary Focused Library LF7000 兽药靶向化合物库 238 compounds EN Phenotypic Screening Library From Enamine EN1300 表型筛选化合物库EN 5760 compounds Nucleoside Mimetics Library DD3500 核苷模拟物库 2600 compounds Asinex Building Blocks Library AN6000 Asinex 分子砌块化合物库 NATx Carbohydrates Libray AC1800 半合成糖类化合物库 5419 compounds Polyhydroxy Compounds Library US3300 多羟基化合物库 16911 compounds Terpenoid Mimetics Library AN3000 萜类模拟物化合物库 4278 compounds Purine Based Nucleoside Library DD3400 嘌呤核苷化合物库 1257 compounds 3D Mimetics PPI Library DD2800 3D模拟物PPI化合物库 2000 compounds Eccentric PPI Library DP3300 Eccentric PPI化合物库 13000 compounds Purinergic Library DP4550 嘌呤能化合物库 3500 compounds Spiro-library DO1500 螺环化合物库 19000 compounds PB Macrocycles Library PB2300 大环化合物库PB 1584 compounds Steroid Mimetics Library AN5400 类固醇模拟物化合物库 1456 compounds Alpha-Helix Mimetics Library DP3580 α螺旋模拟物化合物库 24737 compounds Macrocycle Pre-Plated Set AN1400 预制大环化合物库 25261 compounds Covalent Modifiers Library US2200 共价修饰剂库 28572 compounds Glycomimetic focused library OA5700 拟糖靶向化合物库 233 compounds Fungicides-like library OA8700 杀菌剂类似物库 1964 compounds Amino Acid Based Compound Library EM1004 氨基酸化合物库 Macrocycles Library US3100 大环骨架库 9737 compounds Asinex Building Blocks For DNA-encoded library AN2500 DNA编码砌块化合物库 1377 compounds Cysteine Targeted Covalent Library DD5700 半胱氨酸靶向共价化合物库 39301 compounds a-Helix peptidomimetic library OA9100 a-螺旋拟肽化合物库 1234 compounds NATx Alkaloids Libray AC1600 半合成生物碱化合物库 7709 compounds Steroid-like Library US4000 类脂化合物库 20542 compounds ChemoGenomic Annotated library for Phenotypic Screening DP2390 化学基因组活性化合物库 99000 compounds NATx Macrocycles Libray AC2200 半合成大环化合物库 2368 compounds Glycomimetics Pre-Plated Set AN1700 糖苷模拟物预制化合物库 2430 compounds Dark Chemical Matter Library DP9700 无生物学活性化合物库 25000 compounds New Agro Library DO1100 新农药化合物库 50000 compounds Indole Derivatives DP9600 吲哚衍生物库 12000 compounds Serine Focused Covalent Inhibitor Library LF9100 丝氨酸靶向共价抑制剂库 2700 compounds NATx Amino Acids Libray AC1900 半合成氨基酸类化合物库 10945 compounds Phenotypic Pre-Plated Set AN2200 表型预制化合物库 13159 compounds Protein Degraders (CRBN-binding) Library AN6200 蛋白质降解剂库(CRBN 结合) Agrochem & Crop Protection Library AN5100 农用化学品和作物保护化合物库 13524 compounds NATx Terpenes Libray AC1700 半合成萜类化合物库 2366 compounds 2019-nCoV Papain-Like Protease Targeted Library LF9400 2019-nCoV Papain-Like蛋白酶靶向化合物库 1700 compounds Molecular Chaperones Library From Enamine EN3500 分子伴侣靶向化合物库 2468 compounds AN Macrocycles Library AN3300 大环化合物库AN 10091 compounds eEF1A Targeted Library LF9300 eEF1A 靶向化合物库 3000 compounds PDZ PPI Library DP2490 PDZ PPI化合物库 4000 compounds α-Helix Mimetics Library AN2700 α-螺旋模拟物化合物库 6867 compounds Lipid Metabolism Library DD5300 脂质代谢化合物库 9000 compounds Smart Library of Covalent Inhibitors DF4100 Smart共价抑制剂库 1152 compounds Covalent Inhibitors Pre-Plated Set AN2000 共价抑制剂预制化合物库 1000 compounds Soft Electrophiles Library AN3800 软亲电化合物库 8085 compounds Peptidomimetic Library DO1600 肽模拟物化合物库 38400 compounds Covalent Library(On-Demand Synthesis) AN2400 按需合成的共价化合物库 12032 compounds Degrader Building Blocks for Targeted Protein Degradation LF2500 靶向蛋白质降解的降解砌块化合物库 1700 compounds Agrochemicals Library US1700 农药化合物库 18064 compounds Agro-like Library From Enamine EN1500 农药类似物库 10240 compounds AN Glycomimetics Library AN3100 糖苷模拟物化合物库AN 4292 compounds Cyclic Ugi PPI Library DP4200 Cyclic Ugi PPI化合物库 10000 compounds Molecular Glues Protein Degraders Library AN6300 分子胶蛋白降解剂库 “Signature” Libraries AN1300 “Signature” 专用化合物库 5556 compounds NATx Bonanza Libray AC2000 半合成结构多样化合物库 4923 compounds 2019-nCoV Main Protease Targeted Library LF1023 2019-nCoV 主蛋白酶靶向化合物库 2300 compounds Protein Mimetics Library From Enamine EN3700 蛋白结构模拟物化合物库 8960 compounds SARS Coronavirus Focused Library LF9500 SARS冠状病毒靶向化合物库 437 compounds New Unique Compound Library EM1000 新颖独特化合物库 PPI Pre-Plated Set AN1500 蛋白相互作用预制化合物库 3743 compounds Nonpeptide Peptidomimetics PPI library DP2550 非肽类肽模拟物化合物库 22000 compounds Therapeutical Diversity Annotated Library DP2360 治疗多样性活性化合物库 7567 compounds AgroChemical Screening Libraries LF1100 农用化学品筛选化合物库 12600 compounds Herbicides-like library OA8900 除草剂类似物库 2080 compounds Recognition Elements PPI Library DP2000 识别元件PPI化合物库 26000 compounds Glycomimetic Library From Enamine EN2400 糖苷模拟物化合物库 2470 compounds Covalent Screening Library From Enamine EN1400 共价筛选化合物库 10800 compounds Steroid-like-compounds DP2380 类固醇化合物库 543 compounds Dinucleoside Mimetics for RNA Library AN3700 RNA核苷模拟物化合物库 842 compounds Peptidomimetics of Beta-Turn Motifs Library DO2500 β转角结构肽模拟物化合物库 2679 compounds Histidine Focused Covalent Library LF1024 组氨酸靶向共价化合物库 5500 compounds β-Turn Peptidomimetic Library OA9200 β-Turn 拟肽化合物库 1054 compounds Spirocycle Library CB1400 螺旋环化合物库 50000 compounds Target Identification, Phenotypic Screening library (TIPS) DO1300 靶点鉴定表型筛选化合物库 35000 compounds OA Phenotypic Screening Library OA3500 表型筛选化合物库OA 5000 compounds Frequent Hitters Library DO2300 高频命中化合物库 9000 compounds PPI Tripeptide Mimetics Library DP2480 PPI三肽模拟物化合物库 25000 compounds LC Covalent Screening Library LF9200 LC 共价筛选化合物库 34700 compounds Coronavirus Mpro covalent Library From Enamine EN5600 冠状病毒Mpro共价化合物库 2640 compounds Natural Product-like Compound Library by Similarity Search LF1019 天然产物相似物化合物库 4400 compounds PPI Library(Non-Macrocyclic) AN2800 蛋白相互作用非大环化合物库 11439 compounds PPI Focused BBs Collection PB1000 PPI靶向的分子砌块化合物库 400 compounds Deubiquitinase Screening Libraries LF2600 去泛素化酶筛选化合物库 3300 compounds 3D BBs Collection PB1100 3D分子砌块化合物库 453 compounds CB Macrocycle Library CB1300 大环化合物库CB 13000 compounds Insecticides-like library OA8800 杀虫剂类似物库 2137 compounds Building block Library EM1001 分子砌块化合物库