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Ligand for Target Protein for PROTAC

产品编号 产品名称
T18601 Desmethyl-QCA276 Desmethyl-QCA276, the QCA276-based moiety, binds to cereblon ligand via a linker to form PROTAC to degrade BET. QCA276 is a BET inhibitor with an IC50 of 10 nM, and with a Ki of 2.3 nM[1].
T18650 Ch55-O-C3-NH2 Ch55-O-C3-NH2, also known as RAR ligand 1, is a ligand derived from the Ch55 compound that specifically targets RAR. Through a linker, Ch55-O-C3-NH2 interacts with cIAP1 ligand Bestatin to form SNIPER[1].
T13843 PROTAC IRAK4 ligand-1 PROTAC IRAK4 ligand-1 is a synthetic ligand for interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4.
T10320 Androgen receptor antagonist 1 Androgen receptor antagonist 1 is an orally available full androgen receptor antagonist (IC50: 59 nM). It can be used in the synthesis of PROTAC AR degraders, which results in 24% and 47 % AR protein degradation in LNCaP cells at 1 μM and 10 μM, respectively.
T13888 SLF SLF is a synthetic ligand for FK506-binding protein (FKBP)( with an affinity of 3.1 μM for FKBP51 and an IC50 of 0.22 μM for FKBP12). SLF can be used in the synthesis of PROTAC.
T10345 Apcin-A Apcin-A is an anaphase-promoting complex (APC) inhibitor. It interacts strongly with Cdc20 and inhibits the ubiquitination of Cdc20 substrates. Apcin-A can be used to synthesize the PROTAC CP5V.
T12558 PROTAC BET-binding moiety 2 PROTAC BET-binding moiety 2 is an BET bromodomain inhibitor.
T12905 SI-109 SI-109 is a potent inhibitor of STAT3 SH2 domain (Ki=9 nM),and with antitumor activity.
T17940 Estrone-N-O-C1-amido Estrone-N-O-C1-amido (ERα ligand 1) is an estrogen ligand derived from Estrone that specifically binds to estrogen receptor α (ERα). Through a linker, Estrone-N-O-C1-amido (ERα ligand 1) forms a complex with the cIAP1 ligand Bestatin, leading to the creation of SNIPER[1].
T10734L CDK ligand for PROTAC hydrochloride CDK ligand for PROTAC hydrochloride is a CDK inhibitor with antitumor activity. It has been used to design PROTAC CDK4/6 degraders.
T13841 PROTAC Her3-binding moiety 1 PROTAC Her3-binding moiety 1 is a Her3 Ligand for PROTAC.
T13086 I-BET762 carboxylic acid I-BET762 carboxylic acid is an inhibitor of BRD4(pIC50 of 5.1).
T12557 PROTAC BET-binding moiety 1 PROTAC BET-binding moiety 1 is a key intermediate in the synthesis of high affinity BET inhibitors
T18053 Ipatasertib-NH2 Ipatasertib-NH2 (GDC-0068-NH2;RG7440-NH2) is a ligand for target protein AKT for PROTAC, binds to lenalidomide, a ligand of ubiquitin E3 ligase cereblon (CRBN), via a ten-hydrocarbon linker to form INY-03-041 to degrade AKT[1].
T13914 SLF-amido-C2-COOH SLF-amido-C2-COOH is a synthetic ligand for FKBP (SLF), and can be used in the synthesis of PROTACs.
T18611 AP1867-2-(carboxymethoxy) AP1867-2-(carboxymethoxy), the AP1867 (a synthetic FKBP12F36V-directed ligand) based moiety, binds to CRBN ligand via a linker to form dTAG molecules[1].
T13915 PROTAC BRD9-binding moiety 1 PROTAC BRD9-binding moiety 1 that binds to BRD9, and used for inhibiting BRD9 activity, based on PROTAC.
T18592 Imatinib carbaldehyde Imatinib carbaldehyde (also known as CGP-57148B carbaldehyde) is a compound derived from Imatinib, an inhibitor of the ABL protein. Imatinib carbaldehyde binds to the IAP ligand with the assistance of a linker, resulting in the formation of SNIPER[1].
T10743 CDK9-IN-11 CDK9-IN-11 是一种有效的CDK9抑制剂,可作为 PROTAC CDK9 Degrader-1 的配体。
T10522 BET-IN-6 BET-IN-6 是一种有效且高亲和力的BRD2/BRD4抑制剂。BET-IN-6 是靶蛋白 BRD2/4 的配体,可用于合成 PROTAC BRD2/BRD4 degrader-1 。