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产品编号 产品名称
T4S1999 Valepotriate Valepotriate 是从蜘蛛香分离而来的一种天然产物,是一类新的细胞毒剂和抗肿瘤剂,对 HTC 肝癌细胞是非常有效的细胞毒剂。 它可能对焦虑的精神症状具有潜在的抗焦虑作用。
TN3646 Chlorovaltrate K Chlorovaltrate K shows moderate cytotoxicity against lung adenocarcinoma (A 549), metastatic prostate cancer (PC-3M), colon cancer (HCT-8) and hepatoma (Bel 7402) cell lines with IC50 values of 0.89-9.76 uM.
TN5218 Valerosidate Valerosidate is a natural product from Valeriana jatamansi.
TN5217 Valeriotetrate C Valeriotetrate C is a natural product from Valeriana jatamansi.
TN5216 Valeriandoid B
TN5553 Valeriotriate B
TN4341 IVHD-valtrate VHD-valtrate has anticancer effects against human ovarian cancer cells in vitro and in vivo, it is a potential therapeutic agent for ovarian cancer, providing a basis for development of the compound as a novel chemotherapeutic agent.
TN5410 Olivil monoacetate Prostephanaberrine is a natural product from Valeriana officinalis.
TN2293 Valechlorine Valeranone shows antileishmanial and cytotoxic activity.
TN5552 1-O-Methyljatamanin D
TN4219 Homobaldrinal Homobaldrinal has low toxic activity. It has genotoxic activity in the Salmonella/microsome test and the SOS-chromotest.
TN5249 Volvaltrate B Volvaltrate B shows cytotoxic activity against the lung adenocarcinoma (A549), metastatic prostate cancer (PC-3M), colon cancer (HCT-8), and hepatoma (Bel7402) cell lines, with IC50 values of 8.5, 2.0, 3.2, and 6.1 uM, respectively.
TN4352 Jatamanvaltrate B Jatamanvaltrate B shows cytotoxicity against lung adenocarcinoma (A549), metastatic prostate cancer (PC-3M), colon cancer (HCT-8),and hepatoma (Bel7402) cell lines.
TN3844 Didrovaltrate Didrovaltrate shows cytotoxic against human cancer cell lines. Didrovaltrate blocks I(Ca-L) in a concentration-dependent manner and probably inhibits I(Ca-L) in its inactive state, which may contribute to its cardiovascular effect.
TN2294 Valerenic acid Valerenic acid is a natural product
TN1024 Baldrinal Baldrinal, valtrate, and acevaltrate are the quality control compounds of Valeriana jatamansi Jones.
TN4708 Olivil (-)-Olivil displays a higher antioxidative effect against the free radical DPPH.
TN2305 Volvalerenic acid A Volvalerenic acid A is a natural product
TN1726 Heishuixiecaoline A Heishuixiecaoline A protects against neurotoxicity in PC12 cells.
TN1753 Hydroxyvalerenic acid Hydroxyvalerenic acid is a natural product