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产品编号 产品名称
TN2208 Siamenoside I Siamenoside I 是一种罗汉果甜甙,具有多种生物学功能。
T4S1312 Gypsogenin-3-O-glucuronide Methyl gypsogenin 3-O-beta-D-glucuronopy 是一种皂角苷前体,普遍存在于满天星属植物中。
TN1455 Bryodulcosigenin Bryodulcosigenin 是一种Bryoniadioica根的提取物,具有抗炎活性。
TN6275 3,7,25-Trihydroxycucurbita-5,23-dien-19-al
TN1837 Kuguaglycoside C Kuguaglycoside C induces caspase-independent cell death, and is involved, at least in part, in the mechanism underlying cell necroptosis.
TN1943 Momordicoside G Momordicosides K and L, the main bitter taste triterpene glycosides in Bitter melon; and bitter melon has been reported to have hypoglycemic, anti atherogenic and anti HIV activities.
TN1946 Momordicoside L Momordicoside L has hypoglycaemic / antihyperglycaemic activities.
TN2554 1-Monopalmitin 1-Monopalmitin has dielectric properties. 1-Monopalmitin inhibits the P-glycoprotein activity in intestinal Caco-2 cells.
TN5945 Karavilagenin A Reference standards.
TN2909 3,7,23,24-tetrahydroxycucurbita-5,25-dien-19-al
TN1483 Charantadiol A Charantadiol A is a natural product from Momordica charantia.
TN1940 Momordicine I Momordicine I has anti-diabetic and antifeedant activities.
TN1945 Momordicoside K Momordicoside K has antidiabetic activity.
TN1942 Momordicoside F1 Momordicoside F1 may have antiproliferative activities against MCF-7, WiDr, HEp-2, and Doay human tumor cell lines.
TN3682 Clerosterol glucoside Clerosterol exerts its cytotoxic effect in A2058 human melanoma cells by caspases-dependent apoptosis.
TN5849 Bombiprenone Standard reference
TN4575 Momordicine V Momordicine V can deter significantly the oviposition by L. trifolii on host plant leaves treated at 26.16 microg/cm2 leaf surface.
TN1947 Momordicoside P Momordicoside P is a natural product
TN3073 5,19-Epoxy-19R,25-dimethoxycucurbita-6,23-dien-3-ol
TN3725 Cucurbitadienol Cucurbitadienol has significant anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor effect, is also CucurbitacinBE compounds biosynthesis the key intermediate. Cucurbitadienol synthase, the first committed enzyme for cucurbitacin biosynthesis, is a distinct enzyme from cycloar