Anavex 2-73

产品编号 T4111   CAS 195615-84-0
别名: AE-37 hydrochloride, AVex-73 hydrochloride

Anavex 2-73 is a Sigma-1 Receptor agonist (IC50: 860 nM).

Anavex 2-73结构式
Anavex 2-73 , CAS 195615-84-0
规格 库存 价格/RMB 数量
2 mg 上海现货 667.00
5 mg 上海现货 1202.00
10 mg 上海现货 1962.00
50 mg 上海现货 6902.00
100 mg 上海现货 10767.00
1 mL * 10 mM (in DMSO) 上海现货 1202.00
存储 & 溶解度
产品描述 Anavex 2-73 is a Sigma-1 Receptor agonist (IC50: 860 nM).
靶点活性 σ1 : ic50 860nM,   Sigma-1 Receptor,  
体内活性 The pretreatment of Anavex 2-73 (1/3 mg/kg) dose-dependently reduces the scopolamine-induced alternation deficit. The pretreatment with Anavex 2-73 (>0.3 mg/kg) dose-dependently and significantly attenuates the impairments of step-through latency[1]. The Anavex 2-73 (1 mg/kg) dose-dependently blocks the recognition memory deficit. One day after injections, the significant Aβ25-35-induced decrease in Akt phosphorylation is significantly attenuated by Anavex 2-73 (0.1/1 mg/kg). Seven days after injections, Anavex 2-73 attenuates the decrease in Ser9 phosphorylation induced by the peptide (0.3/1 mg/kg)[2].
Animal Research
Drugs (including Anavex 2-73) are solubilized in physiological saline at the concentration of 5 mg/mL.Male mice aged 7-9 weeks and weighing 32±2 g are used. Drugs (including Anavex 2-73) are brought up to each dose by dilution and injected in a volume of 100 μL/20 g body weight. Animals are used between days 1 and 9 after i.c.v. injections for behavioral testing or killed before biochemical measures.
别名 AE-37 hydrochloride, AVex-73 hydrochloride
纯度 99.95%
分子量 317.85
分子式 C19H24ClNO
CAS No. 195615-84-0


0-4℃ for short term (days to weeks), or -20℃ for long term (months).


DMSO: 37.5 mg/mL

( < 1 mg/ml refers to the product slightly soluble or insoluble )


1. Villard V, et al. Anti-amnesic and neuroprotective potentials of the mixed muscarinic receptor/sigma 1 (σ1) ligand ANAVEX2-73, a novel aminotetrahydrofuran derivative. J Psychopharmacol. 2011 Aug;25(8):1101-17. 2. Valentine Lahmy, et al. Blockade of Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Aβ1-42 Generation by the Aminotetrahydrofuran Derivative ANAVEX2-73, a Mixed Muscarinic andσ1 Receptor Agonist, in a Nontransgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2013 Aug; 38(9): 1706-1723.

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% Tween 80
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